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Yes, that's a promise (as soon as I can get my scanner to work...)! =)
You may not believe it, but I actually draw a lot, but since I do mostly sketches, you will find it in scraps (not all of it, though). Just keep checking back and don't give up on me ;)
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  • Reading: Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts (for school)
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I was getting tired of seeing the last journal entry on my page, so I decided to write a new one x,DDD And no, it's nothing important, just random stuff about me ^^
I really love my life! I've got an amazing boyfriend, awesome friends AND I'm not bad at school (I just recently got 13 points at maths, which is equivalent to an A-, I think ^^; Considering that I mostly got fours and fives (Ds and Es) since seventh grade (now I'm in 11th grade), that's pretty nice, I think xDDD)... I didn't get as much points as I know I can get in arts class, though (I fucked up the only picture that was important :/ The class test also could have been better... It's always annoying when you lose about three points because of ONE question <__<; ), which kind of bugs me, but since I'm sure that I'm capable of more, I'm pretty optimistic about this semester ^^
PS: I know that I seriously need to upload more pictures D: I mean, I love drawing and I do it quite often (even though, at the moment, it is mostly scribbles during class ^^; ), but that isn't really evident from  my gallery...
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